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Look Twice Photography
Look Twice Photography features the photography of Curtis Essen, thats me.

My current focus has been on high dynamic range (HDR) panorama landscape photography of the Central
California Coast, local valleys, vineyards and cityscapes.

I have just recently begun to display my photographs because of requests to do so and some
were recently
on display at the Branch Street Deli in the Village of Arroyo Grande CA through the end of April 2009.

Conventional photography and more so digital photography is not able to capture the full tonal range
perceived by our eyes. By taking multiple exposures of the same scene at different exposure settings and
combining them (tone mapping), we are able to visualise details in the brightest highlights and the darkest
shadows of a scene, creating an image that almost looks too real to be a photograph. This is because we
are not used to seeing in a photograph what we see in nature.

Some of the panorama scenes are a compilation of over 30 exposures tone mapped and stitched together
resulting in dramatic images up to eight feet wide.

Photography has always been a hobby for me.  My father gave me a camera when I was 6 or 7 and we had
a darkroom in the house shortly afterwards.

I have lived on the Central Coast for the past 30 years and currently live in Arroyo Grande. The diversity of
the area's natural beauty is my inspiration.

By occupation I am a Nuclear Medicine/Radiologic Technologist operating a PET/CT scanner, combining
functional and anatomical images of the human body. I am employed at this full time, so inquires are best
made by e-mail to
Photographs recently displayed at
Branch St. Deli
203 E. Branch St.  Arroyo Grande CA